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About Wrebbit Puzzles


Blazing New Trails

After revolutionizing the jigsaw puzzle world in 1991 and capturing the imagination and hearts of millions of people everywhere, the story of Wrebbit3Dpuzzles continues unabated, thus preserving and perpetuating the dream of pioneering creator and 3D puzzle inventor Paul E. Gallant.

During those golden years, over 30 million puzzle 3D units designed and developed by Wrebbit ® original team were sold around the world, generating retail sales of over 1 billion dollars from 1991 through 2005. A phenomenal success, that has pleased million of fans and collectors in over 60 countries.

Restarting this beloved company was not an easy task. The road was paved with challenges, which required us to be inventive, bold and determined. We were driven by our decision to create local jobs, so the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of the new line of Wrebbit3D™ puzzles would once again be “Made in Canada” across the entire chain. The new Wrebbit ® entity is focusing on bigger-size models that diehard puzzlers will find even more exciting and that will really test their talents.

In addition to bringing back redesigned classic favourites like Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Neuschwanstein Castle, Empire State Building, La Tour Eiffel, Sydney Opera House and other prominent historical and architectural landmarks, Wrebbit3D resumed its association with Warner Bros. and, from 2012 through 2014, secured the licensing rights for The Lord of the RingsTrilogy and the theatrical releases of the The Hobbit™.

Wrebbit3Dcontinues to blaze new trails with its unique New York Collection puzzles, reproducing Manhattan, NY most renowned landmarks. Each puzzle is part of an unequalled « collectible » NY series offered in 4 distinctive and stand alone puzzles : Midtown West, Midtown East, Financial and World Trade. Combining all 4 New York Collection puzzles brings to life a unique masterpiece of Manhattan, NY in over 3 575 pieces!  Largest 3D puzzle ever created and commercialized.  A new WORLD RECORD!

In the works for 2015 and beyond, Wrebbit3Dwill include new historical and architectural landmarks from various parts of the world and also some top licensed items. Stay Tuned!

In today’s technological world, Wrebbit3Dconstitutes a refreshing product that brings friends and family members together and in making them « using their fingers differently » to meet the Wrebbit3Dchallenge.

Proudly made in Canada from non-toxic polyethylene foam, Wrebbit3Dpuzzles are the sturdiest 3D jigsaw puzzles ever invented. They also have the highest piece count and are the largest of their kind. From comments gathered on our social media platforms, Wrebbit3D puzzle fans are overwhelmed by the quality of Wrebbit 3D™ designs and true-to-life illustrations.



Core 3D puzzle fans are looking for the greatest possible challenge with the highest quality of designs and workmanship.

What Wrebbit3D™ is all about:

  • Larger size models;
  • Higher piece count;
  • Reasonable retail prices;
  • Best quality / value ratio for consumers money’s worth;
  • Tenons and mortises technology, providing sturdier assembled 3D puzzle structures;
  • Highest quality of design and illustration;
  • Bringing back family members together around a table for hours of leisure and fun;
  • Greater sense of accomplishment in assembling a Wrebbit3Dpuzzle;
  • Worldwide brand recognition; and
  • Original team of managers and designers.

No other company is designing, producing and commercializing comparable 3D puzzles. Wrebbit3D team is looking forward to building a longstanding tradition of wowing puzzlers everywhere in the world with innovative ideas and highest possible quality 3D puzzles that will generate hours of family fun and lasting life-like creations.

Reasonably priced, as always, the new Wrebbit3D™ puzzles are sold in specialty toy stores and game shops, bookstores and gift shops across Canada, the United States and in over forty (40) countries around the world.

Our Objective : ensuring that puzzle fans around the world will have as much excitement and pleasure with our Wrebbit3Dpuzzles as we have every day in bringing back Wrebbit3Dpuzzles for their ultimate enjoyement.