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New York Collection

BIG IS BACK! Experience the Big Apple like never before!

Wrebbit 3D™ proudly presents the brand new New York collection: Midtown East and Midtown West (Fall 2014), Financial and World Trade (Spring 2015). Once assembled, these four breathtaking stand alone 3D puzzles can be joined together to create a unique puzzle masterpiece of Manhattan, containing nearly 3500 pieces!

Once again, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving you the most realistic, high quality and pristine illustrations for a genuine Manhattan experience. With New York’s most renowned and iconic buildings, you’ll think you’re actually there!

Wrebbit 3D™ : proudly designed and produced in North America.


NYC_LOGONYC_West Buttons_Off_WTButtons_ON_WESTButtons_Off_FLButtons_Off_EAST 




Fall 2014: Midtown (1775 pieces)

Midtown East875 pieces, 15.5″ x  14.5″ x 14″, including landmarks like the Chrysler Building, Citigroup, Grand Central Station and more.
Midtown West900 pieces, 12.25″ x 15.25″ x  19.5″, including landmarks like the Empire State Building and GE building.


Spring 2015: Downtown (1600-1700 pieces)

World TradeTBA