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Picture the world with Wrebbit 3D™ Eiffel

May 14, 2014



Picture the world with Wrebbit 3DEiffel:

Say Happy Anniversary in a snap!

Montreal, Wednesday May 14th, 2014 — Gustave Eiffel’s famous tower, built for the Paris World Fair, turns 125 on May 15th, date on which it was officially opened to public in 1889. WREBBIT®, in collaboration with its fans, retailers and distributors from all over the world, is marking this milestone anniversary by immortalizing this Paris landmark in a truly special way. 

Join the tour and the adventure !  www.wrebbit3d.com/eiffel125

The Wrebbit 3D Eiffel 125th Anniversary World Tour” event is WREBBIT’s inimitable way of inviting fans from all over the globe to give the iconic iron tower the ultimately anniversary gift — a trip around the world — by packing their Wrebbit 3DEiffel and taking and posting pictures of it wherever they go! Announcement/ Poster “Wrebbit 3D™ Eiffel 125th Anniversary Word Tour™”.

…or take the tour and watch it trot the globe!

The pictures are posted on Pinterest to enable everyone the world over to follow the 3D puzzle as it trots the globe — Monaco, New York, etc. — or to find inspiration for their own pictures they could take and post… Have fun travelling the world with one of the world’s favourite 3D puzzles like you’ve never seen it before!

Say Happy Anniversary in a snap!

Rising 102 cm (40”), totalling 816 pieces and featuring some of the most strikingly detailed illustrations, Wrebbit 3D™ Eiffel has literally raised the bar in 3D puzzle making. Building this world famous structure was a tour de force back in late 19th century Paris. Rebuilding it in 3D from the bottom up constitutes nothing less than a dream challenge designed for the 21st century, wherever you are! Sharing this masterpiece by picturing it all over the world is a memorable way to celebrate a 125th anniversary together with fellow Wrebbit 3D™ fans or new 3D puzzlers everywhere!

The Wrebbit 3D Eiffel 125th Anniversary World Tour event kicked off March 31, 2014, date on which the Tower was officially dedicated in 1889. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more celebration announcements and special events throughout the year!



ABOUT WREBBIT®: Unique 3D puzzles concept Invented by the late brilliant inventor Paul Gallant conquered millions of puzzlers around the world. Relaunched in Fall 2012, Wrebbit3D puzzle combines the brainteasing anticipation and satisfying end result of conventional jigsaw puzzles, with the thrill and challenge of building and reproducing a unique three-dimensional scale model of an architectural landmark.

The focus at WREBBIT®, one of Canada’s darling companies, continues to be creating bigger-sized models designed to test the talents of diehard 3D puzzlers. Meanwhile, Wrebbit 3D™ products continue to be entirely “Made in Canada” across the entire chain, from design to manufacturing. Made from non-toxic polyethylene foam and environment-friendly glue, Wrebbit 3D™ pieces interlock and assemble effortlessly (tongue and groove technology), making it possible to build perfect masterpieces – alone, with family or friends. Wrebbit3D™ puzzles offered at retail prices varying from 29,95 $ for smaller size models to 39,95 $ for larger size models.

CONTACT for Media:  Jean Theberge, president, 1-514-787-8842 (#12),

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