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Lord of the rings - Discontinued

Citadel of Minas TirithTM

819 Pieces
Age 12+

DISCONTINUED: This product is discontinued, but may be available in some stores or online. Use the "Where to buy" tool to contact stores near you and know availability or search online.

The scene of the fiercest battle between the forces of Mordor and the world of Men in The Return of the King. Make it your crowning achievement.

Puzzle dimensions:
17.52" x 16.54" x 25.98"
44.5 x 42 x 66 cm
Package dimensions:
15.874" x 11.874" x 4.5"
40.32 x 30.16 x 11.43 cm

Item number: W3D-2004
UPC: 665541 02004 9