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Harry Potter

HogwartsTM - Great Hall

850 Pieces
Age 14+

The magic is at your fingertips! Bring to life your favorite School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Hogwarts - Great Hall, an 850 pieces 3D puzzle from Wrebbit 3D. You'll find many well-known locations from Harry Potter like the Great Hall, the Headmaster's office and many more. Combine Hogwarts - Great Hall with Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower and get a 3D puzzle of 1,725 pieces.

Puzzle dimensions:
19.69" x 14.96" x 18.5"
50 x 38 x 47 cm
Package dimensions:
15.874" x 11.874" x 4.5"
40.32 x 30.16 x 11.43 cm

Item number: W3D-2014
UPC: 665541020148