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La Tour Eiffel

The most requested is finally here!

Here is our newest model: the Eiffel Tower. Measuring 102cm / 40" high, this 3D puzzle will charm you with its 816 pieces and its most detailed illustration. A sure WOW!


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Lady Jane

The design of this model in the « Mansion » Collection was influenced by typical victorian houses architecture from the West Coast of the United States.

The famous and colourful « Painted Ladies » of Alamo Square in San Francisco has also inspired this model. Many will be charmed by the brillant colours of its illustration.

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Sydney Opera House

Famous architectural work of the 20th century, Sydney Opera House (a renown place of performing arts in Australia) in a 3D puzzle format will charm the fans with its unique and original design (veils and shell forms).

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Midtown West

New York City wouldn't be the same without the Empire State Building (1931). The centerpiece of this 900 piece 3D puzzle of Midtown West is surrounded by typical New York City buildings and, for the first time ever in 3D puzzle, Rockefeller Center’s famous GE Building (1933). Part of the New York Collection.

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HogwartsTM - Great Hall

The magic is at your fingertips! Bring to life your favorite School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Hogwarts - Great Hall, an 850 pieces 3D puzzle from Wrebbit 3D. You'll find many well-known locations from Harry Potter like the Great Hall, the Headmaster's office and many more. Combine Hogwarts - Great Hall with Hogwarts - Astronomy Tower and get a 3D puzzle of 1,725 pieces.

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Midtown East

Chrysler Building (1930), MetLife Building (1963), Citigroup Center (1977), Sony Tower (1984), Grand Central Station (1913). All these remarkable icons and more at your fingertips to recreate an 875 piece 3D puzzle version of one of New York City’s famous districts: Midtown East. Part of the 
New York Collection.

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Reach for the sky by assembling the tallest and most famous skycrapers of the Financial disctrict of New York City. This 925 pieces 3D puzzle includes Trump Building (1930), Battery Park and the iconic Statue of Liberty (1886). Combine all 4 puzzles of the New York Collection. and get a 3D puzzle of over 3 575 pieces.

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The White House


Celebrate the beauty of the Executive Mansion with this stunning replica of the White House. Assemble this 490 pieces 3D puzzle for yourself and proudly display the official residence of the President of the United States of America.

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World Trade

Complete the unique Wrebbit 3D - New York Collection with this 875 pieces 3D puzzle, including the tallest building of the Western Hemisphere, the One World Trade Centre. Surrounding this towering icon are other famous buildings and landmarks, comprising Brookefield Place (1985-87) and Battery Park. Combine all 4 puzzles of the New York Collection and get a 3D puzzle of over 3 575 pieces.

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